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A Message From Our President

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Welcome to the Eta Pi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Virginia Tech! My name is Kate Jordan and I have the privilege to serve as Chapter President this year.


3 years ago, I came to Virginia from out of state and looking for a home. After my first semester at Tech, I knew that Virginia Tech was home to me. However, in a school as big as this one, it can be hard to find your niche and truly feel like you’re maximizing your college experience. It is very easy to get lost in the sea of maroon and orange. That’s when I turned to Panhellenic to look for a community to complete my college experience. I was looking for likeminded girls who empowered me and rallied behind me at every turn. I was looking for lifelong friends and my future bridesmaids. When I accepted my bid to Alpha Delta Pi, that’s what I thought I was getting. What I found in this chapter turned out to be so much more than I would’ve ever imagined. While I did find an amazing group of sisters who pushed me to be the best version of myself, I also found value and challenges where I never expected to. I found myself being pushed to take on challenges I would’ve previously counted myself out of. For one, I would’ve never believed I would be capable and actually enjoy leading a group of over 200 women. I also found ADPi adding more value to my life than just lifelong friends - although those are great too! The ways in which this chapter has pushed me to question the world around me and be an active advocate to change it for the better has added to my college experience immensely. With 200 sisters around me encouraging me, supporting me and challenging me, I cannot imagine these past 3 years without this sisterhood. I definitely wouldn’t have experienced the same level of growth I’ve had these past 3 years without them.


In the Eta Pi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, we all strive for growth and to add value to the lives of our members. The four years you are in college are fun ones, but also ones where you make a very important choice – stay comfortable or push yourself for better. I firmly believe that each of our sisters has chosen the latter. We push each other every day to be better and truly live for each other. Although it is not always easy and glamorous, there is value in this sisterhood beyond the date parties, coffee dates and sisterhood events. We continue to work towards making Eta Pi of Alpha Delta Pi a chapter where each of our sisters are loved and celebrated. I have been honored to continue that work this year. I think I speak for all of our sisters when I say we look forward to reconnecting in person and taking our virtual sisterhood that has formed over the past year forward into this upcoming semester.

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