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"Even if it isn't what you thought it would be, it will be what you need it to be"

Mel Christ, Alpha Class of 2017

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A Message From Our President

Welcome to the Eta Pi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Virginia Tech! My name is Maddie Clemons and I have the amazing privilege of serving as our Chapter President this year.

When reflecting on my experiences here in Blacksburg, I can proudly say that Virginia Tech is my home and Alpha Delta Pi is my family. During recruitment, I was looking for an environment that made campus feel smaller, opportunities to get involved, and a family. Little did I know that running home to Alpha Delta Pi in 2018 would forever change my life. Even after joining, I did not know if Greek Life was meant for me. However, the women of my Alpha Class became not only my friends, but those lifelong friendships that we all long for. Sophomore year I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and run for an officer position and I got one (to my surprise)! For a year I served as the Vice President of Member Development and this opportunity allowed me to get to know way more women in our chapter and build relationships with them too. Junior year, I decided to challenge myself even more and run for president. I would not have even been able to apply if it were not for the support of my ADPi family because they wanted to see me grow into the best woman I could be. Being elected the president of this chapter was honestly one of the best days of my life and I have never felt so much support and love in one room. Every day in this position I continue to learn from challenges, adapt to situations around me, and love the women I represent. I could not imagine my life without Alpha Delta Pi. This chapter has been with me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and I hope that me serving as president allows me to give back to this chapter. 

Alpha Delta Pi creates an environment of growth while fostering compassion. This chapter allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin and encourages you to be even more yourself. And as president, I will lead this chapter with love and empathy, so that all members are engaged and are able to become the finest versions of themselves. 


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