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"Why ADPi" #1-- Eva Barauskas, Alpha Class 2019

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

"It’s assumed rushing a sorority is so easy, finding women you can instantly be friends with and learn to love in just a few conversations. After all, I was led to believe I’d find my “future bridesmaids” during this process. Boy, was I in for my money.

With 13 sorority chapters at Virginia Tech, going into the rush process was intimidating to say the least. I was one of at least 1,000 girls looking to run home to a chapter at the end of the week. I had no expectations or ideas of what this process would look like. A few of my older friends from my hometown were in different chapters throughout Oak Lane, but I eventually learned that I needed to go through this process for myself.

I didn’t realize how much I loved ADPi until sisterhood round, the second to last round in the process. I was starting to feel comfortable, especially since the girl I was talking to for the majority of the round, Samantha Matson, a now Virginia Tech graduate, told me I could take off my heels that were KILLING me and “make myself at home” on someone else’s twin bed. After talking about trees, Tinder and so much more, I walked out of the house feeling secure.

Prior to preference, the majority of the week was a blur. I cried my heart out to one of my Rho Gammas, shoutout Theresa, that morning of how disappointed and sad I was I didn’t get one of the houses I thought I was destined to.

If it weren’t for Braden, my best friend who I met in my Rho Gamma group and has stuck by my side ever since, even after we joined different chapters, and Theresa, I would not be where I am today with Alpha Delta Pi. That is what I appreciate most about sorority life at Virginia Tech, also known as the “Circle of Sisterhood.” I have found people both inside and outside of my chapter, who inspire me to be myself, no matter what sorority label might “define” me.

In ADPi’s preference round, the rituals and emotions circulating throughout the house took my breath away. In that room, with all of those other girls, I felt cherished and loved. It’s a feeling you really have to experience for yourself, for in that moment I knew I wanted to be one of them. It’s almost like when you’re at the pool and you’re in your pre-teen era. While playing mermaids in the pool, you are admiring the pretty highschool girls lifeguarding and hoping that you’ll be like them some day. That is the best way I can describe how I felt at that moment.

After running home to Alpha Delta Pi the next day, I not only saw familiar faces in my new pledge class, but a majority of my hallmates from Vawter Hall whom I loved, without sororities involved. Running back “home” to Vawter after our amazing, yet overwhelming, Bid Day celebration, I felt so reassured. I thought to myself, “The girls in ADPi saw the same thing in me as they saw in them, that’s pretty incredible.”

Fast forward to a year later, where I am on the other side of recruitment. I still felt nervous to talk to the potential new members. What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t care about our conversation? The list goes on and on. Some dread the recruitment process when you are recruiting, but I learned a lot about myself and my sisters throughout this time. I learned that I am proud to be the Philanthropy Specialist under Libby Griffis. I learned that I am not perfect, but I love who I am. I learned that I am so grateful for my big, Mackenzie, for advising me with everything and loving me for who I am. The list goes on.

So, when someone asks me, “Why did you go ADPi?” The answer is simple. I felt so comfortable that I took off my heels. "

  • Eva Barauskas - Alpha Class 2019

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