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  • Eva Barauskas

Social Distancing from your Sisters

It has been 110 days since March 11, 2o20. 108 days now feels like a century ago.

March 11th is a significant date for the Virginia Tech community, for the news that we would transition to online classes for the remainder of the semester was released. Who would have ever thought that we, as students, would miss going to class?

Being that the human population was, and still is, facing a global pandemic, college life seemed nonexistent. With 213 women in our sorority, there was so much risk to be had when gathering as a chapter. Heck, our chapter meetings could fill up a whole lecture hall!

Our chapter was fortunate enough to have finished our spring philanthropy event, Touchdowns and Tabs, the week before spring break. Little did we know it would be the last event we did together for the semester. Not to mention, we raised over $14,000 in two days for Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. For this, we are so humbled and grateful.

After adjusting to online classes, there were tough conversations and decisions to be made regarding the continuance of sorority events. Initiation, date functions and sending off our seniors as they transitioned into "Pi" didn't stand a chance. Big shoutout to exec for working so hard for the well-being of our chapter.

Our chapter president, Maddie Clemons, did an incredible job in meeting everyone's needs during this time. From scheduling FaceTime calls to opening up about how quarantining had effected her, she was there for all of us. My FaceTime call with Maddie was not only a quick distraction from all of the bad, but an opportunity to learn from and about one another. How cool!

It seemed as though everything in our lives was so negative, whether we were sad or in a state of disbelief with what we were all going through. We were struggling to find any positives amidst this crisis. When you look in the mirror when you're out or at work, your face is covered by a mask. It's protecting yourself and others

from getting the virus, but hiding your smile for the world to see. A smile is how we see each other sometimes and it is the little things that can make us smile.

Holley Moser, our chapter's Wellness Specialist, has played a crucial role for our sisterhood throughout this time as well. From finding happiness in ourselves to challenging us to improve our mentalities, she has always extended advice to those who need or want to hear it.

One of my biggest takeaways from this experience has been communicating with those who we can't see, but genuinely care for. In a way, this has brought our sorority to a new level of sisterhood. Whether you're an Alpha, Delta or Pi, we have all experienced this pandemic in different ways. We will be able to reflect on this time in our future and be grateful for each other. As our motto goes, "We Live For Each Other."

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