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Sorority Recruitment Advice from Kanye West

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

So you’ve signed up to go through sorority recruitment, and it’s almost here! If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that none of us thought our experience was going to look like this— and even though this semester has thrown us all for a loop, we’re in it together. So in the interest of helping you make this the BEST recruitment experience it can possibly be, here is some ~loosely interpreted~ advice from Mr. West himself— because when it comes to building confidence, there’s no one quite like Kanye. Here are 5 Kanye West tweets to hype you up and to remember as you prepare for recruitment.

When it comes to sorority recruitment, it’s so important to be your authentic self! It’s important to be honest throughout the whole process— not just with chapter members that you meet, but with yourself. (It’s not even cheesy because it’s TRUE!) Remember that you should NEVER have to change yourself, or your values and interests, to get a bid from the right sorority. It’s so important to be authentically you throughout the whole process and every conversation you have, because focusing on your personal values and interests is the best way to guarantee you’ll end up in the chapter that is right for you!


You are IMPORTANT! Read that again! Remember this especially

as you go through recruitment. It’s okay to talk a lot about yourself and the things you’re passionate about! If you feel like you’re talking a lot, chances are you’re doing it right. These chapters want to get to know who you are, and talking about your interests and passions is the best way to do just that. I know it’s not always easy to be the Kanye West of your own life… but the end of it all, you should remember that YOU are your biggest fan and that wherever you end up, you’re going to be amazing and a blessing to so many. Any chapter would be lucky to have you!


Me too Kanye. Remember that it’s so okay to feel emotional or overwhelmed during the recruitment process! Of course recruitment is meant to be fun, but it is perfectly normal to feel a wide range of emotions as you navigate the week. During my own experience I remember feeling excited and overwhelmed and super stressed all at the same time. To help kill some of that stress or confusion later on, don’t forget to keep track of your experiences and conversations with each chapter by jotting down notes that you can go back and read later (even if it’s just bullet points about who you talked to and what you talked about— you’ll thank yourself later)! Remember to take advice from your Rho Gammas if you are unsure or stressed out. Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself grace and remember that who you are is enough! No matter what! Everyone is going to have a very different experience and have different emotions going through the process, but that’s the beauty of recruitment-- your experience is wholly your own.


Don’t forget to ask questions! This is one of the best ways to figure out which chapter is truly the right fit for you. Whether it be questions about a chapter’s membership requirements, philanthropy, or sisterhood events, the sorority members will be more than happy to tell you about their chapter, and their own personal experience with their sorority. Asking good questions will also show chapters that you are interested and excited to learn about their sisterhood! Questions are a great way to gain valuable insight into the sorority experience overall, and also are a great opportunity to hear about what each sorority has to offer you.


Don’t forget to use the recruitment process as a learning experience. College is all about personal growth and learning more about yourself-- and there’s no better way to learn and grow than by surrounding yourself with girls that challenge you, support you, and make you want to be a better person. Think about what is most important to you— maybe it’s getting more involved on campus, becoming a better student, or meeting new people (or who says you can’t have all 3 right?) Think about the person you hope to be in a few years when you graduate and leave college, and focus on how the sorority experience can help you get there. It is important that whichever sorority you choose is full of women that share your values and will help you grow into that person you hope to become!

Lastly, on an even cheesier note, remember that the sorority experience is about finding a community that will walk with you through the rest of your college years. For me, it’s been about finding sisters who come through for me in the most ~clutch~ ways, and who will support me through my best and worst days all the same. It’s making memories I’ll cherish forever, and experiences that have given me greater joy than I ever thought possible. It’s days spent being so thankful for everything that my sorority has given me, and even more thankful that I chose to go through this process almost 3 years ago.

If you’re reading this: I’m so happy and excited for you that you’ve chosen to make this decision and go through sorority recruitment! Enjoy every moment and remember who you are through it all. My hope for you and every woman who enters into this process is that you will find a community that loves, supports, and uplifts you the way ADPi has for me.

Good luck-- I’m rooting for you, and Kanye is too I’m sure.

With love,

Claire Craig

Alpha Class 2018

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