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"Trust the Process" by Kaleigh Moran, Alpha Class 2019

As recruitment season draws near, I begin to remember my experiences from the past two years in anticipation of this year. Last year, as a member of Alpha Delta Pi, formal recruitment was loads of fun. The chance to spend a week surrounded by my best friends, making memories and meeting new people, is something that I will never forget. Although this year won’t be quite the same, I have no doubts that we will be able to make the most of it.

Freshman year, as a potential new member, wasn’t as easygoing. I remember returning to Blacksburg anxious about the whole experience, totally unsure of what the next week was going to look like. No one in my family had been a part of Greek life, so I was going in completely blind.

Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience! I met brand new people in my Rho Gamma group that I still consider some of my best friends. Although we ended up in different chapters, a week of sleeping on the floor and watching rom-com’s created a bond that we won’t forget. This year, the PNM’s will luckily be saved from their butt falling asleep on the tile floor and using their parka as a pillow, but they will still have the amazing opportunity to get advice from their Rho Gammas and to create memories with the girls in their group.

As for meeting the sororities, everyone kept talking the whole week about this “moment” where they just knew a sorority was meant for them. I was feeling disappointed because I had no idea what they were talking about. I mean, I could tell where I felt more comfortable, but I feel like I had a pretty great time everywhere! I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Then I realized that it just took a bit of time.

During the Sisterhood round of recruitment, at Alpha Delta Pi, I finally felt the “wow moment.” I talked to a girl who had gone through things I was going through freshman year and I finally felt as though I had met someone at Virginia Tech who could relate to me. I realized that opening up a bit more during the conversations of recruitment could lead me to meet people with similar experiences and stories. I wish I had realized this earlier because who knows how many deeper friendships I missed by being to shy to get past “What dorm do you live in?”

I ended up running home to Alpha Delta Pi, which was the best thing that could have happened in my college experience. Although the PNM’s hear it a thousand times during the week, I really think that trusting the process works the best. It has a way of surprising you.

As I’ve said, recruitment this year is going to look a little different. Although the PNM’s won’t have the joy of walking around Oak Lane in the snow and losing their voice because they have to shout over 100 girls in each chapter room, they will still get to experience all the great parts. From meeting new people, to having their “moment”, to running home to the chapter that will change their college experience for the better, recruitment is a great part of college and sorority life, creating some of my most special friendships and memories.

-Kaleigh Moran, Alpha Class 2019

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