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Welcome to Eta Pi!

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

"Alpha Delta Pi, translated as, “First, Finest and Forever,” is the oldest sorority in the United States.

You may know us best for our viral “BOOM BOOM. I wanna go to ADPi!” chant, but our national sorority is so much more than that. Although, we do take pride in that recognition and will happily recite it for you.

Our Eta Pi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi is in the heart of southwest Virginia. In Blacksburg, we have not only found a home in Virginia Tech, but also in our sisterhood. Our sisterhood is made up of 218 driven young women who are continuously supporting and encouraging one another throughout our college experiences.

We are housed in the Oak Lane Community at Virginia Tech, surrounded by 18 fraternal and sorority chapters that create an atmosphere of inclusion and diversity. Particularly with our surrounding sororities in the Panhellenic community, we are grateful to be encompassed by our supportive “Circle of Sisterhood.”

In 2019, our chapter was recognized for earning the highest GPA of all Panhellenic sororities for the spring semester and Sorority of the Year at Virginia Tech. We are humbled by these accomplishments and continue to strive in prioritizing our academics.

ADPi’s national philanthropy raises money for the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities. The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation allows our sisterhood to follow through with our motto, “We Live For Each Other.” Ronald McDonald House Charities is an international non-profit organization that provides housing for families whose children are being hospitalized.

Our Eta Pi chapter is fortunate to have an incredible relationship with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwest Virginia. From cooking meals to sorting through can tabs, our sisters are always compelled to help those who are staying at the house in Roanoke, VA. In our recent spring philanthropy event, “Touchdowns and Tabs,” we raised $14,000 in two days for RMHC. We could not have been able to achieve this alone, for we are thankful for the fraternities and sororities who have shown their support for our cause.

ADPi does not just bring fun and friends, but opportunities that shape us into fearless leaders. From athletes to scholars, each individual woman in our chapter brings unique characteristics to the table. In this blog, we hope that you will follow our journey to express who we are and our gratitude for the friendships we have made that will last a lifetime.

Afterall, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. "

  • Eva Barauskas, Alpha Class 2019

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