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"Why ADPi" #3 by Ashley Brinkley, Alpha Class 2020

"Coming in as a freshman to Virginia Tech last fall, I always knew I wanted to be a part of Greek life by joining a sorority on campus. I knew that joining a sorority would allow me to make amazing new friends, expand my social network, and open my eyes as to how to serve others and always lend a helping hand. As an only child, my friends made up the siblings that I always wanted. From the very beginning of finding my new home and sisters at Alpha Delta Pi, I have had first-hand experience with the many amazing people you

will meet and talk to and end up becoming best friends with, and that's from someone who has barely even had that much time being a part of the ADPi chapter at Tech. From the first moment I stepped into the ADPi house during rush, I knew it was home. When I started talking to the girls in the house, I knew they were my future school family. From then on, I was certain that ADPi was my future sorority, and it was always #1 on my list. I had amazing conversations with the girls there-- they matched my enthusiasm and funny traits, and they never failed to make me smile. I always came out of the house happy and glowing with love and excitement for the next time I would get to go back. When you feel that way about a sorority, it is truly destiny and you are meant to be there!"

--Ashley Brinkley, Alpha Class 2020

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